every island project

9:42 AM anna m. 4 Comments

Speaking of islands,  

about a month ago I came up with an idea, to try to collect postcards or anything else
from as many islands as possible, and one day maybe from every island that has a post box. 

As you maybe have already noticed, I love islands, especially those super small ones, 
but right now I'm a bit 'stuck' in the middle of continent, 
so I thought it would be great to exchange mail from people who 
live in all those beautiful places, or just visit them on holidays. 

It's been such a great month - many people liked my idea, 
and I already have received lots of beautiful cards, 
and learned so much about all those places (a few of them I've never heard of before)

So maybe if one of you also live on a island, any island in the world, 
or will be going there on holidays, and would like to help me with my project 
(and receive something back from Budapest :))

let me know -  here, or at letters.from.islands@gmail.com

and have a look at the postcards I got so far :  every-island.blogspot.com 


  1. te kolory, to światło! cudny pomysł na ten projekt.

    1. cieszę się, że się spodobał :)

      a światło i kolory jesienno węgierskie!

  2. Jezu, Ania! Wiesz, że to jest genialny pomysł, a Ty jesteś niesamowita? łałała, jestem pod wrażaniem, naprawdę :)